Turkish Province of Antalya Ravaged by Downpours and Tornadoes: Agricultural Damage and Transport Chaos Ensue


Downpours, tornadoes ravage Antalyas agricultural land


On 5, 2024, Antalya, a southern province in , faced a tumultuous ordeal as relentless and two tornadoes descended upon the region, leaving a trail of destruction in their wake, particularly devastating crucial agricultural land.

The heavy rains inundated streets and underpasses, exacerbating the situation in areas like the Gıyaseddin Keyhüsrev Underpass in the Kepez district, which had already experienced fatal floods on February 13. These inundated thoroughfares and side streets caused significant traffic congestion, further complicating the already dire circumstances.



In Kepez and Konyaaltı districts, numerous vehicles became stranded on waterlogged roads, leading to the closure of flooded underpasses to traffic, compounding the transportation woes of residents.

As the tornadoes tore through the region, they inflicted substantial damage to greenhouses, agricultural areas, workplaces, and buildings across four districts. Particularly hard-hit was the Kumluca district, the epicenter of greenhouse agriculture, where 1,000 decares of greenhouses were decimated.

Despite the devastation, authorities assured consumers that there would be no price hikes, aiming to alleviate concerns about potential product scarcity in the aftermath of the calamity.

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