Hampton Beach

In the United States, the Atlantic Ocean has overflowed its banks. A deep cyclone caused storm surge in Maine and New Hampshire.


confronted a crisis on 10th, 2024, when torrential flooding, triggered by powerful waves, unfolded dramatically. Ocean Boulevard was inundated as waves crashed against the sea wall, prompting the closure of roads for several hours. Emergency crews worked tirelessly to clear seafoam, seaweed, and debris, while firefighters rescued 15 individuals impacted by rising seawater.

Hampton Fire Chief Michael McMahon expressed concerns about potential damages and the upcoming weekend forecast, anticipating astronomical high tides. Notably rare was the overtopping of three out of five miles of beach with water, attributed to a combination of snowmelt, , and high tides.

Stacy Hughes, an onlooker, described the waves as resembling scenes from a movie. In nearby Salisbury, Massachusetts, areas became impassable, prompting police warnings about the dangers of driving through flooded areas.

faced high tide at 9:50 a.m., causing continued flooding and splashover. Even as the tide receded, an emergency was declared, and a shelter opened for voluntary evacuations.

Police Chief Alex Raino emphasized the closure of Ocean Boulevard for safety, discouraging onlookers from the boardwalk due to reported debris. Concerns arose about potential structural damage to homes, with some residents asked to evacuate.

Residents shared harrowing experiences, with Leslie Bouvier describing the as a freight train. One hotel faced severe flooding, with the owner calling it the worst he had ever seen. Plow trucks, repurposed from recent clearing, were deployed to address water accumulation on roads.

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