Extreme Weather Hits Kansas and Missouri: Tornadoes and Hail Slam Region


A powerful was captured on camera near Alta Vista, Northeast Kansas, as severe storms battered the Plains and Midwest on Wednesday. The tumultuous weather unleashed softball-sized and raised alarms across the region.

NOAA's Prediction Center had issued heightened alerts for , damaging winds, and tornadoes across multiple states, with Kansas and Missouri facing the brunt of the onslaught. The forecast proved accurate, with numerous and Severe Thunderstorm warnings issued by local National Weather Service offices.



Severe Weather:

Wabaunsee County, just outside Topeka, was in the 's path, leaving at least 200 customers without power, according to PowerOutage.us. While no widespread damage was reported, the region grappled with the aftermath.

became a significant concern in several counties, with over 100 reports spanning multiple states. In Shawnee, Kansas, reports emerged of hail larger than baseballs, causing chaos on Interstate 70 near the Kansas-Missouri border.

As meteorologists urged caution and shelter, communities in the Kansas City metro area braced for the worst, emphasizing the need to stay indoors and away from windows amidst the tumultuous weather

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