Germany under WATER! Storm Zoltan caused severe flooding in Hamburg.

Germany under WATER

Germany is sinking! Sturm Zoltan caused severe flooding in Germany 🇩🇪

Zoltan unleashed severe flooding in Hamburg on Friday as the Elbe River level rose to 3 meters above the average water height in St. Pauli. The water gradually receded, but the aftermath left numerous areas underwater.

Dozens of onlookers gathered on the steps to the St. Pauli Fish Market, which, like on Thursday, was completely flooded by the surge. House entrances, bars, and restaurants were submerged, and several streets in the city were also underwater.

In Bremen, a state of emergency was declared in some places due to the . Flooding was anticipated in areas outside the main dyke protection lines, leading the Bremen Fire Department to prepare for evacuations. Residents were advised to leave affected areas as early as possible as a precaution.

The storm caused significant disruptions, with fallen trees, branches, loose bricks, and scaffolding reported. In Hamburg, the disaster team of the Hamburg Interior Authority was deployed to handle the situation.

The storm also led to flight cancellations at Hamburg Airport, affecting connections from Frankfurt, Munich, Amsterdam, and London. Passengers were advised to expect delays due to the storm's impact on airport operations.

Overall, Storm Zoltan left a trail of chaos and disruption in its wake, with authorities and emergency services working to manage the aftermath and ensure the safety of residents and travelers.

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