heatwave in the UK

UK weather. Will there be another heatwave and record-breaking summer in 2023?

Welcome to the UK weather channel. As the days get brighter and the temperature continues to rise, many people start wondering, if we can expect hot spells this summer. Several extreme heatwaves that occurred last year, are still well remembered. During one of them, Coningsby, an East Lindsey village near Boston, experienced the hottest temperature ever recorded in the UK. 40 point 3 degrees. Will summer 2023 be breaking temperature records as well?

According to the latest weather forecasts, a shift in ocean temperatures, will launch changing weather patterns all over the world, meaning the UK could experience an even bigger , than last year's. The weather phenomenon called is observed, when waters in the Pacific Ocean are becoming much warmer, than usual. In addition to global warming, a new average temperature record is possible worldwide, so the UK could easily see 40 Celsius in August. During and July, maximum temperatures will range in the low to mid-30s.

Experts are mentioning, this summer will be the 10th straight time, that temperatures have reached at least 1 Celsius above pre-industrial levels. Be careful, since extreme heat, can cause illness and death among fit and healthy people, not to mention high-risk groups. Always stay hydrated, spray yourself with cold water, take a lukewarm shower, and dress in loose clothing. It's time to start thinking about how you can cool a house, to make it a safer place.

Please bear in mind, that such a long-range just provides an indication, of how the weather might change, or be different from normal in summer. To avoid any problems, stay up to date with the forecasts. And do not forget to check the weather warnings. More videos are on the way, including daily forecasts. Make sure to subscribe to stay updated on the UK .

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