10-day weather forecast for the United Kingdom

10-day weather forecast for the United Kingdom.

Current forecasts are predicting a mild start of February. Daily temperatures should even get to double digits. According to BBC weather, a few frontal systems moving through at the beginning of this month, bringing heavy showers to Scotland. However, bands have to weaken as they move to the south. High pressure becomes more dominant on Friday, meaning dry weather over the weekend, on the fourth and fifth of February. With higher-than-average temperatures and some sunny spells. During the following week, high pressure should get away but still keep some influence. Daily temperatures will slightly drop. In addition, overnight frosts will occur.

So, let's compare the 10-day trend in different parts of the United Kingdom. Maybe, some northern areas will see . Here is the 10-day : from Wednesday, the first of February, to Friday, the tenth of February.

As always, starting from Scotland weather. Many places in Scotland quickly turning rainy this week. For example, people of Aberdeen will see on Thursday, February second. During the next week, daily temperatures will drop from 10 Celsius to 6 Celsius.

The second and fourth of February are going to be rainy days in Edinburgh . Starting from Sunday, daily temperatures ranging from highs of 6 degrees to 8 degrees, without overnight frost.

High chance of precipitation in Glasgow . will stop here only by Sunday, February fifth. Better take an umbrella if you are heading outside. When the rain stops, the temperature will drop from 9 Celsius to 6 Celsius, although the clear weather.

Changeable conditions are expected in Newcastle . Despite some Monday rain, daily temperature turning into low double digits. Much colder conditions during the following week: temperatures around 7 Celsius, dropping to zero overnight.

The 10-day trend is promising a mixture of overcast and sunshine for Belfast . Rain is in the forecast only for Wednesday and Saturday. Stable 8 degrees at the start of the next week, without precipitation.

No rain in Hull . The third of February is the highest day with 13 degrees, while the lowest – is the eighth of February with 6 degrees. Overnight frost can occur on Sunday night.

People of Liverpool will see a lot of sunshine, but rain can suddenly appear on Saturday, February fourth. Light overnight frost will reach Liverpool by Sunday night as well, hitting minus 1 Celsius.

Showers across Manchester , some of them heavy, will stop only by Sunday. It will continue getting a bit colder during the following week. As a result, daily temperatures between 5 to 7 degrees, turning into sub-zero temperatures by night.

Much drier conditions are expected, as we move southwards. Partly cloudy changing to sunny in Norwich during the next 10 days. Winds light and variable.

Dry and mostly sunny at the start of February in Birmingham . Daily temperature even turning into low double digits. But it will get colder, as we head into the next week. Temperatures will quickly drop, as a widespread nighttime frost begins to develop.

Oxford is hoping to see dry and bright weather with a lot of sunshine. However, it will get colder the following week. 5 Celsius at midday could easily feel more like lower figures. Additionally, widespread nighttime frosts are expected.

Mild start of February in London . Clear, sunny weather with light winds will become cloudy on Friday. After that, the temperature will drop from 13 Celsius to 6 Celsius, turning to zero by night.

What about the Wales weather? Dry and mostly clear in Cardiff . Brighter skies compared to recently, but still some cloudier periods. Daily temperatures around 10 degrees, dropping to 6 degrees on Monday.

Many places in southern England quickly turning frosty this week. Southampton is not an exception. Winds will turn northerly on Sunday, so it's going to feel more like lower figures. Frequent sub-zero temperatures at night.

What does the weather have in store for Plymouth ? Dry and bright weather with a lot of sunshine during the next 10 days. Despite some cold period from the fifth to the eighth of February, it will get warmer next Friday.

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