Tornado Outbreak! Heart of America Battered for Days (Nebraska & Iowa Devastation)

MultiDay Tornadoes hit US heartland

Today we're talking about the devastating tornadoes that ripped through Nebraska and Iowa on 27th, 2024.

A destructive outbreak with at least 78 tornadoes impacted the U.S. Plains on Friday, 26, 2024, leaving a trail of damage and more than a dozen injuries. The outbreak occurred as a part of a multi-day severe weather threat covering over 60 million Americans.

National Weather Service Prediction Center received at least 78 reports — 37 from Iowa, 29 from Nebraska, 5 from Kansas, 4 from Missouri and 3 from Texas, making it the busiest day in the United States in more than a year.

The tornado outbreak continued across Douglas, Boone, Butler, and Woodson Counties in Nebraska and Kansas, with tornadoes reported near populated areas and causing damage to houses and other structures.

Significant tornado activity was also reported in Iowa. This activity peaked with multiple homes being destroyed and significant damage near Shelby, Shelby County, Iowa.

One of the tornadoes in Nebraska knocked over part of a train and hit a Kawasaki Plant with at least 70 workers inside.

These tornadoes are a stark reminder of the power of nature. They can strike with little warning and cause immense destruction. Our thoughts are with everyone who has been affected by these storms.

We'll continue to follow this story and keep you updated on the recovery efforts. Stay safe everyone.

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