Magnetic storms in May 2024: Calendar by dates
Forecast of magnetic storms for May 2024

The data is obtained from the (US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) website, processed and prepared by the weather website Pogodnik.

Expected events on the Sun in May 2024:

Solar activity in May 2024 will be at an average level.
A few are expected, but no extreme events are predicted.
May 10-12: Possible passage of interplanetary plasma from the coronal hole.
May 27-28: Increased is expected.

What it means:

are sudden releases of energy that can cause various effects on Earth, including magnetic storms, radio interference, and human health effects.

Interplanetary plasma: Interplanetary plasma is a stream of charged particles emitted by the Sun. It can interact with the Earth's magnetosphere, causing magnetic storms.

is a measure of perturbation of the Earth's magnetosphere. It can be caused by flares on the Sun, interplanetary plasma and other factors.

Forecasts of solar activity are always accurate. Strong flares on the Sun can happen out of the blue. Follow news and forecasts from trusted sources like .

Calendar of Magnetic Storms in May 2024:

May 1-7: Weak (K-index 3)
May 8-12: Calm (K-index 1)
May 13-14: Calm (K-index 2)
May 15-16: Weak (K-index 3)
May 17-18: Calm (K-index 1)
May 19-21: Small (K-index 3)
May 22: Calm (K-index 1)
May 23-24: Weak storm (K-index 3)
May 25-26: Calm (K-index 1)
May 27-28: Strong storm (K-index 5)
May 29-30-31: Calm (K-index 1)

Strength scale of magnetic storms:

Calmness: K-index 0-1
Calm: K-index 2
Small: K-index 3
Moderate: K-index 4
Medium: K-index 5
Strong: K-index 6
Heavy: K-index 7
Serious: K-index 8
Extreme: K-index 9

Important about the forecast:

The geomagnetic activity forecast is being updated, watch for solar flare reports in our weather bot.
Weather-dependent people should be prepared for possible deterioration of well-being during the days of magnetic storms.

Recommendations during a magnetic storm:

During the days of magnetic storms, it is recommended to:
get some sleep
Reduce physical activity.
Avoid stress.
More walks in the fresh air.
Drink clean water.
If necessary, take sedatives.

Remember: Magnetic storms can affect people's health in different ways.
If you feel unwell, contact your doctor.

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