Tornado destroys avocado crops in Mexico

🌪️ Unusual Strikes Michoacán, Threatening Avocado Crops: Cannons Deployed in Desperate Attempt to Deter the Twister.

Michoacán experienced an unexpected visitor— a that wreaked havoc on avocado crops, leaving locals perplexed. The emerged late Tuesday afternoon in the western part of Michoacán. After traversing a rural area, residents attempted an unconventional defense by using cannons to disrupt the tornado and prevent its advance toward the town of Peribán. cannons, typically utilized to mitigate hailstorms, generate shock waves aimed at reducing hail size by interfering with cloud formation. However, their efficacy lacks robust scientific backing.

Fortunately, there were no reported casualties or injuries, but avocado growers in the region noted significant damage to their orchards. Social media footage captured the unusual sight of a funnel-shaped cloud descending to the ground before swiftly dissipating. While tornadoes are more commonly associated with northern , this incident highlights that central is not immune to such surprises. On average, Mexico encounters approximately 50 tornadoes annually, with the majority being of the non-supercell, less hazardous variety.

The Michoacán tornado, which took the form of a “water snake” according to local parlance, poses questions about the frequency and predictability of such events. José Francisco León, a researcher at the National Autonomous University of Mexico's Physical Geography department, notes that peak tornado season in Mexico spans from May to . Authorities are now on high alert, closely monitoring weather patterns to provide timely alerts and ensure community safety in the face of potential similar incidents.

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