Natural disasters across the world. Latest events.

Natural disasters in November 2023: storm in Turkey, Heavy rains in Dubai, earthquake in Philippines, floods, Hailstorm in Africa.

Severe weather disasters have been wreaking havoc across the globe, leaving trails of destruction and impacting lives. Let's break down some of these recent events.

Deadly storm in Turkey. Snow in Istanbul.

A powerful storm wreaked havoc in Turkey, leading to tragic consequences. On Monday, November 20, Turkish rescue teams were on a mission to find 11 missing crew members of a cargo ship that sank off the Black Sea coast. Unfortunately, storms have already claimed the lives of at least nine people, including one crew member. The Turkish-flagged Kafkametler, carrying 12 crew members, went down near Eregli in northwest Turkey's Zonguldak province. The storm and flooding that hit Turkey over the weekend resulted in additional casualties, with four people losing their lives in the southeastern province of Batman, three in Zonguldak, and one in Diyarbakir in the southeast.

Meanwhile, Istanbul experienced the impact of on Sunday, November 19, which later turned into a mix of and , accompanied by a storm that significantly disrupted city life. The initial snowfall gave way to and sleet, causing adverse effects throughout the city. In certain districts, the storm led to the toppling of trees, contributing to transportation challenges and minor incidents in various areas.

Dominican Republic. 21 people lost their lives after a storm brought torrential rain.

Over the weekend, heavy in the Dominican Republic caused a lot of trouble, leading to the unfortunate deaths of at least 21 people and forcing many residents to leave their homes. In the capital, Santo Domingo, nine people lost their lives because the rain was so intense that it made a highway tunnel collapse. The rain didn't just make things wet. It flooded homes, caused power outages, and messed up bridges and roads. This rainfall happened because of a tropical depression, and it looks like more rain is expected in different parts of the country.

Shocking hailstorm hits Saudi Arabia. Heavy rains in Dubai.

Saudi Arabia is facing some serious weather challenges. After recent floods in Mecca, now Jeddah, its neighbor, is also dealing with floods. This is one of the worst floods the city has seen in recent years, with a record amount of rain – more than 80 millimeters per square meter. The heavy rain caused landslides and washed away cars on the outskirts of the city. On Sunday, November 19, social media was flooded with videos showing storms, floods, and heavy rain. One video showed hailstones the size of tennis balls hitting a car, breaking both the windshields and headlights. To add to the mix, the roads were covered in snow.

Meanwhile, in the United Arab Emirates, severe rain and thunderstorms hit Dubai, leading to flooded roadways. The rain caused flight cancellations and diversions to other airports as storms disrupted the Emirate. Thirteen inbound flights were redirected, and six flights out of DXB were canceled. It's a challenging time for both Saudi Arabia and the UAE, and everyone in these areas needs to stay safe.

Thunderstorms brought hail to Kuwait.

Thunderstorms, accompanied by heavy rainfall, swept through Kuwait and other parts of the Middle East. Strong winds, lightning, and added to the chaos, triggering floods, property damage, and power outages. The Kuwait Meteorological Department issued a high-level weather warning, emphasizing the need for vigilance and preparedness in the face of unpredictable weather patterns.

Powerful earthquake rocks the Philippines.

A really strong earthquake hit the southern Philippines on Friday, November 17, causing a lot of damage. Sadly, several people lost their lives, and many were hurt. The quake messed up a school, shopping malls, and lots of homes, and it even knocked out power in villages. At least seven people died, and two are still missing. The earthquake was magnitude 6 point 7. It happened about 16 miles south of Mindanao, a big island in the southern part of the country, deep under the sea, about 48 miles down. All the reported deaths came from that region.

Storm Frederico impacting northern France.

Storm Frederico swept through northern France, bringing torrential rain and gusts up to 60 mph. Coastal areas, including Brittany and Normandy, faced the brunt of the storm, while inland regions grappled with gusts reaching 50 mph. The storm's impact extended into . In France, there are heightened orange alerts due to the potential for river flooding in certain areas. It's a weather situation that demands attention, particularly for those in the storm's path.

Storm in Florida knocks out power for thousands.

A heavy storm hit the southeast and central coasts of Florida, bringing relentless rain and strong winds. The result? Flooded streets, power outages for thousands, and even schools shutting down. This storm brewed up over the Florida Keys last week, pouring a whopping 9 inches of rain across parts of south Florida starting on Tuesday, November 14. The rain wasn't the only issue. It brought along high winds, with some areas along the south Florida coastline feeling gusts of up to 70 mph. By early Thursday, over 100,000 homes and businesses in the southeast part of the peninsula were left without power.

Hailstorm leaves a trail of destruction in Joburg.

Last Monday, on November 16, Johannesburg faced a surprising and powerful storm that caused serious damage to cars, businesses, and homes. Reports mentioned hailstones in some areas that were as big as golf balls and eggs. The aftermath of this storm has left short-term insurance companies assessing the costs of the . Some have already noted a significant rise in claims from people affected by the incident. One of the more substantial claims is likely to be related to the partial collapse of the roof at the Southern Sun Rosebank hotel. Following the destruction caused by the , the hotel had to be evacuated. It's now temporarily closed for evaluation and repairs.

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