Snowstorm causes travel chaos in central Europe

❄️ Winter Chaos at Munich Airport: Major Travel Disruptions!
In a sudden twist of weather events, Munich, a major hub in the region, is grappling with a heavy snowfall crisis that's causing havoc in the transportation sector.

Munich airport, a lifeline for travelers, initially suspended flights until noon on Saturday, and shockingly, the closure extended until 6 am on Sunday. Brace yourselves as this decision ripples across 760 flights, disrupting travel plans for thousands of passengers.

Munich woke up to a surprise – a thick blanket of more than 40 centimeters of falling overnight from Friday into Saturday. This unforeseen weather is not just impacting roads but throwing air and rail traffic into disarray.

Authorities are sounding alarms, urging residents to stay home for their safety. Road conditions are worsening, compounded by disruptions in train services. Deutsche Bahn reports that the main Munich station is inaccessible. Brace for delays and cancellations region-wide, impacting buses, trams, and suburban trains in Munich.

Even the world of sports isn't spared. The winter weather has forced the cancellation of the Bayern Munich vs. Union Berlin football match. Stadiums and fields are blanketed in , rendering playing conditions unsafe.

, in general, has been battling persistent snowfall and freezing temperatures for days. Weather forecasts predict the heaviest accumulations in Allgäu, south of Bavaria, with an additional 30-40cm expected to fall.

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