Magnetic storm forecast for December

Magnetic storm forecast for December 2023 : Calendar of Events

Before looking at specific dates for magnetic storms, let's briefly review how the forecast is made and why there is an increase in winter.

Magnetic Storm Forecast.

The forecast of magnetic storms is based on the monitoring of solar activity and solar parameters. The main indicator is the K-Index, which measures fluctuations in the Earth's magnetic field. When the K-Index increases, it is a harbinger of possible magnetic storms.

Winter increase in magnetic storms.

Magnetic storms are more likely in the winter because of special atmospheric conditions. At this time of year, the nights are longer, which creates favorable conditions for the formation of more stable and long-lasting magnetic disturbances.

Also, in winter the Sun is at its minimum in the solar activity cycle, which repeats approximately every 11 years. Against the background of this minimum, short bursts of solar activity are possible, causing magnetic storms.

In winter, the Earth's magnetosphere is more susceptible to solar streams, which can lead to an increase in the K-Index and, consequently, to an increase in magnetic storms.

Geomagnetic activity forecast calendar for December 2023.

December 4, 2023: An average (K-Index 6) is expected.
December 5, 2023: A strong is forecast (K-Index 5).
December 6-7, 2023: Moderate magnetic disturbances (K-Index 4).
December 12, 2023: A moderate is expected (K-Index 4).
December 18, 2023: Increased magnetic disturbances (K-Index 4).
December 19, 2023: A strong magnetic is predicted (K-Index 5).
December 22, 2023: A strong magnetic is expected (K-Index 5).
December 23-24, 2023: Moderate magnetic disturbances (K-Index 4).

Stay tuned for updates and stay safe!

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