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Shark Encounters Leave Four Injured Off Texas Coast on Fourth of July

South Padre Island, TX - 5, 2024 - A frightening series of encounters with a single left four people injured off the coast of South Padre Island, , on Independence Day.

Sharknado in waters off South Padre Island, Texas, July 4Sharknado in waters off South Padre Island, , 4

Multiple Incidents, Not Just Bites: Initially, reports indicated four separate bites. However, officials later clarified that while four people were injured, not all involved direct bites.

Spotted Near Attack Site: Beachgoers captured footage of a shark swimming near the shore where some of the incidents occurred. Game Warden Capt. Chris Dowdy confirmed that four separate encounters, including at least two confirmed bites, were reported.

Search Efforts and Public Safety: The South Padre Island Beach Patrol, along with fire and police departments, responded swiftly. They are currently patrolling the shoreline and utilizing drones to ensure public safety.

Shark Escapes, Officials Offer Safety Tips: Capt. Dowdy reported that the shark has returned to open waters, and no attempt will be made to capture it. Officials are urging beachgoers to remain vigilant. They advise people to leave the water calmly if they see large schools of bait near the shore, a potential indicator of a predator nearby. Additionally, if a shark is spotted, it's best to wait until it passes before re-entering the water.

Shark Encounters Rare in Texas: Authorities emphasized the rarity of such encounters in Texas waters. They stated that "shark bites are usually a case of mistaken identity by sharks looking for food."

This incident serves as a reminder for beachgoers to be aware of their surroundings and follow safety guidelines when swimming in the ocean.

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