Rio de Janeiro


Severe floods and landslides hit Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


The recent catastrophic flooding in Rio de Janeiro has left entire neighborhoods submerged, cars and buses submerged on flooded streets, and rescue workers striving to reach trapped individuals.

The northern parts of the city were particularly affected, with incidents of landslides, drownings, and electrocutions reported.

The extreme rainfall over the weekend resulted in devastating impacts, including fatalities, hundreds displaced, and millions in infrastructure damage.

Some areas of Rio de Janeiro experienced a month's worth of typical rainfall within just 24 hours.

The torrential overwhelmed drainage systems, causing flooding and landslides across the city, particularly in the North Zone and Metropolitan regions.

Major roads, public transportation, and healthcare facilities were severely affected. Emergency response efforts are underway, with shelters opened for displaced families, and the federal government offering financial assistance for reconstruction.

A dozen bus lines ceased operations, and multiple metro stations closed due to water inundating the tracks.

The recovery process is expected to be slow, highlighting the vulnerability of cities to events and the need for improved infrastructure and climate resilience.

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