Hurricane Lee's latest forecast
Hurricane Lee's latest forecast. What to expect?

Hurricane Lee, the 12th named storm of the 2023 Atlantic hurricane season, has been making its way across the Atlantic Ocean, leaving uncertainty in its wake. This powerful storm rapidly intensified into a category 5 hurricane, with maximum sustained winds of nearly 155 mph. However, by Sunday, its strength had diminished to a category 2 hurricane, with winds around 105 mph.

Lee's trajectory is northwestwards, passing north of Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic. This path is causing dangerous surf and rip currents along Bermuda and the eastern coast of the United States. While the hurricane's intensity has been fluctuating, it is expected to strengthen once more in the coming days, with the National Hurricane Center predicting maximum sustained winds of approximately 130 mph.

As the week progresses, atmospheric conditions will influence Lee's gradual turn northward. There is still considerable uncertainty regarding the speed and path of Lee beyond this point, raising the potential for impacts on the northeastern US and Atlantic Canada by the weekend.

In summary, recent events, from deadly storms and earthquakes to powerful hurricanes, highlight the urgent need to address the global climate crisis. These events serve as stark reminders of the far-reaching and devastating consequences of our changing climate.

Hurricane Lee's latest forecast. What to expect?Hurricane Lee's latest forecast. What to expect?
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