Global Extreme Weather

Extreme weather causes disasters across the world. The biggest events of the last week.

continues globally, with countries battling heavy rainfall, flooding, storms and wildfires. So, let's check the latest weather events across the world. Starting with Europe.

In Germany, heavy rainfall has triggered flooding, causing disruptions at Frankfurt Airport, which is not only the country's busiest but also a key European hub. The airport reported that a considerable amount of water gathered on the runway, leading to a suspension of ground handling for over two hours. The southwestern and central parts of Germany experienced downpours that resulted in flooded streets and basements. Particularly in Gelsenkirchen, emergency services had to rescue people from their vehicles.

Spain has been enduring another scorching , and the situation has escalated into out of control wildfires on the island of Tenerife. These wildfires, which started last Tuesday, have already consumed around 12800 hectares of woodland. Firefighters are working tirelessly to contain the fire, even as authorities advise citizens to stay indoors.

Speaking about weather disasters across the Globe, Canada is grappling with what is being labeled its most severe wildfire season. With over 1000 active fires burning across the nation, including 236 in the Northwest Territories. The fires in this region alone have devoured more than 2 million hectares of land, and a significant portion of the local population has to leave their homes. In response to the escalating situation, the premier of British Columbia, a Canadian province, declared a state of emergency, characterizing the current wildfire season as the most devastating ever experienced.

At the same time, Tropical Storm Hilary made landfall in Mexico, striking the Baja California peninsula and then heading southeast towards San Diego on a Sunday afternoon. Despite its weakening status, it still packed winds reaching 80 miles per hour, as it neared the southwestern United States. The storm's landfall has brought about fears of “catastrophic” flooding in the aftermath.

Rescue efforts have been initiated across various regions, encompassing Baja California and the mountainous areas of San Bernardino county in California. Experts have issued warnings about the potential for life-threatening floods and landslides, with certain desert regions possibly experiencing two to three years' worth of rainfall in just three days.

Experts are urging people to take Hurricane Hilary seriously, follow guidance from local officials, and prioritize their safety. The impending impact of the storm on southern California is anticipated to be substantial and poses a significant threat to the region.

In a world where events are becoming increasingly frequent, it's quite clear that our climate is undergoing a crisis. These occurrences serve as powerful reminders of how profoundly weather can shape our lives, and they emphasize the crucial necessity of tackling the urgent challenges posed by our changing climate.

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