Flash flooding hit Florida
Flash flooding hit Florida : Heavy Rains and Strong Winds

In a tumultuous weather event, torrential and robust winds swept across Florida's southeast and central coasts, leading to flash flooding, widespread power outages, and the closure of schools. Originating over the Florida Keys, the system saturated parts of south Florida with up to 9 inches of rainfall from Tuesday into Thursday, as reported by the National Weather Service in Miami.

The rainfall, accompanied by high winds reaching gusts of up to 70 mph along the south Florida coastline, resulted in power outages for over 100,000 homes and businesses in the southeast region of the peninsula.

Broward County Public Schools, ranking as the sixth-largest district in the United States, took precautionary measures, canceling classes and after-school activities on Thursday due to heavy and threats. Meanwhile, schools in neighboring Palm Beach and Miami-Dade counties maintained their regular schedule.

Thursday's heavy , coinciding with high astronomical tides, is expected to create hazardous conditions at beaches, including significant waves measuring 6-9 feet and rough surf. The potential for minor to moderate beach erosion and coastal flooding near high tide exists due to wave runup to the dune line or seawall.

A high risk of strong, life-threatening rip currents is anticipated at all central Florida Atlantic beaches, strongly discouraging water activities. Simultaneously, another low-pressure system developing along the south Florida coast may bring gusty winds and heavy rains to southern Florida, the Florida Keys, and the Bahamas in the coming days.

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