First Tornado
First Tornado Strikes Indonesia! Shocking Footage Captured.

A violent wreaked havoc in the Sumedang Regency of West Java, , leaving residents stunned and terrified. Accompanied by heavy rainfall, this meteorological phenomenon struck the subdistricts of Cicalengka and Rancaekek, unleashing chaos in its wake.

Eyewitness accounts describe the terrifying formation of the , initially spotted heading towards Sumedang before abruptly changing course towards Jalan Bandung-Garut.



Dramatic footage captured on social media and messaging apps vividly depicts the ominous dark swirl of as it swept through the region, leaving devastation in its path.

As the community reels from the impact, authorities are assessing the aftermath. West Java's Acting Governor, Bey Machmudin, wasted no time in visiting Rancaekek to evaluate the damage firsthand.

Preliminary reports indicate injuries among residents, with eleven individuals receiving medical treatment at the Clinic and another eleven at the Family Welfare Hospital. Thankfully, there have been no reported fatalities, and emergency response teams are on the ground providing assistance.

The toll of the 's fury extends beyond human casualties, with at least ten homes suffering damage from the powerful winds. Falling trees, compounded by heavy rains, have further compounded the destruction, affecting vehicles and homes alike.

The National Disaster Management Agency (BNPB) has mobilized resources to aid the affected communities, with 48 people reported to have been impacted by the catastrophic event.

Stay tuned for updates on this developing situation as grapples with the aftermath of its first-ever tornado.

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