Cold Weather Challenges Hit Chicago Tesla Owners

Cold Weather Tesla

Tesla Charging Woes Amidst Chicago Cold Spell


Electric vehicle drivers in Chicago are grappling with charging issues during the recent cold spell, with Tesla owners experiencing difficulties at a supercharging station in Oak Brook. The extreme cold, reaching chills of minus 32 degrees, led to long queues and frustrated drivers abandoning their electric vehicles.

During the recent cold spell in the Chicago area, numerous Tesla owners found themselves grappling with challenges as they attempted to charge their electric vehicles at a Tesla supercharging station in Oak Brook, Illinois. The region experienced some of its coldest weather in the past five years over the weekend, with chills plummeting to minus 32 degrees on Sunday, 14, as reported by the National Weather Service.

The extreme cold led to long queues of electric vehicle drivers at charging stations throughout the city. Faced with harsh conditions, some drivers ultimately abandoned their electric vehicles, frustrated by the difficulties of maintaining a charge in such frigid temperatures. This situation underscores a well-known issue with electric vehicles, as they tend to struggle in cold weather. The low temperatures can cause car batteries to drain rapidly, significantly impacting the overall performance of electric vehicles.

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