A terrible hailstorm hit Johannesburg
A terrible hailstorm hit Johannesburg, Midrand SA

❄️ A severe thunderstorm with and hit Johannesburg on Monday afternoon, November 13th. The country's weather service previously issued a bad for Johannesburg.

Unusual amounts of and heavy rains have hit parts of Johannesburg, causing flooding and damage to property.

The , which hit shortly after 6pm on Monday came as a surprise for many motorists as the area experienced predominantly sunny skies over the weekend.

Some car owners will have to count the costs of the damages caused to their vehicles.

Cars, homes damaged after freak rips through parts of Gauteng including Fourways and Midrand.

Residents living in Midrand, Fourways, and surrounding areas reported large hailstones from around 5pm.

Meanwhile, motorists were stranded on the N1 following heavy downpours.

The South African Weather Service warned of partly cloudy skies becoming cloudy with isolated showers and thundershowers for most of Gauteng.

Johannesburg is the largest city in by population.
The population of the agglomeration is about 8 million people. It is the capital of the richest province of Gauteng.