Winter Storm

The Most Intense Winter Storm of the Season to Impact much of the U.S. with Deep Snow and Blizzard

Major Winter Finn Set to Impact United States with and Blizzard Conditions.

A significant winter , named Finn, is poised to traverse the United States from west to east next week, unleashing massive snowfall and triggering blizzard conditions across a vast area. As part of a progressive weather pattern in , storm Ember is currently affecting the Northeast with and winds.

Finn's development initiated in the Pacific Northwest along the polar westerly jet streak, emerging south of Alaska in the Pacific Ocean. The system is expected to dig southeast into the Desert Southwest over the weekend, intensifying into Winter Storm Finn early next week. As it progresses toward the Northeast, it is anticipated to strengthen, bringing challenging weather conditions.

A major winter storm is forecast to unfold across the Great Plains and Midwest, accompanied by strong winds that will cause blowing and reduced visibility. Travel difficulties are expected due to the combination of snow and winds, potentially leading to blizzard conditions and high hazards alongside heavy snowfall.

The situation is projected to rapidly deteriorate, becoming hazardous from Monday afternoon into Tuesday as Winter Storm Finn intensifies further on its eastward track.

In addition to heavy snowfall, the South and Southeast U.S. will likely experience major and flooding impacts, including severe , tornadoes, and damaging winds. As Winter Storm Finn progresses toward the Northeast U.S. mid-week, the East Coast and Mid-Atlantic States can expect spreading flooding and severe winds.

Satellite imagery over North America this weekend reveals a dynamic atmospheric train of waves crossing from the Pacific Ocean, affecting both the United States and . While storm Ember impacts the East, the developing storm Finn is already taking shape in the Pacific Northwest.

Residents are advised to stay informed about weather updates, exercise caution, and be prepared for challenging travel conditions and potential severe weather impacts.

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