Storm in Buenos Aires

Storm in Buenos Aires : Severe Thunderstorm in Bahia Blanca

A devastating severe thunderstorm, packing gusts of up to 150 km/h (92 mph), hit the coastal city of Bahia Blanca in on December 16, 2023, resulting in the tragic loss of at least 13 lives. The inflicted substantial structural damage, including the collapse of the roof of Club Bahiense del Norte, where individuals sought refuge during the tempest. Reports indicate that the facility was hosting a skating competition when the severe weather unfolded, leading to the unfortunate incident.

Bahia Blanca, situated near the southern tip of Buenos Aires province and renowned for its grain production, witnessed the destructive impact of the . Local authorities have verified the current death toll, expressing concerns that the number of casualties may rise as search and rescue operations persist. Emergency services are actively involved in locating survivors and providing medical aid to the injured.

In an official statement, authorities conveyed the somber news, stating, "Unfortunately, the emergency service confirms the death of 13 people in the Bahiense del Norte club," while acknowledging that some individuals remain trapped under the debris.

Residential homes, commercial establishments, and public facilities bear the brunt of the 's fury, evident in images and videos portraying collapsed structures, debris-laden streets, and uprooted trees. The community now faces the challenging task of recovery and rebuilding in the aftermath of this devastating natural disaster.

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