лунный календарь стрижек

Favourable days for haircuts in February 2024, lunar calendar of haircuts.

The lunar calendar for February 2024 provides a choice of optimal moments for haircuts, experiments with hair colouring or dramatic changes in style.

The impact of the is fascinating, as evidenced by the many examples around us. For example, when preparing for sowing, processing and transplanting plants, experienced gardeners often turn to the lunar calendar. But not only plants feel the mysterious energy of this mysterious satellite of our planet. Human hair is also dependent on it. Let's consider an example: the phase of the waxing gives a special energy, creating optimal conditions for daring deeds. Do you dream of long and mesmerising curls? Then do not miss your chance, because the hair will grow back at an accelerated pace. In the context of this effect, with a waning , on the contrary, the growth slows down, but, on the other hand, the shape of a fresh haircut is perfectly preserved. It is worth remembering that the magical appearance of hair is not only the result of the position of the celestial luminaries, but also the professionalism of the master and a suitable care complex. Choosing the February date of a visit to the salon, the first thing to think about is personal preferences and convenience. But if you honestly believe in the favourable influence of the Moon, the inner voice will not allow you to put long-standing plans in a long box. First of all, a new haircut should please you and give you a smile every time you look in the mirror.

February days for haircuts:

Favourable days: 7, 14-15, 20-22 February.
Hair growth: 13-15, 17, 20-22 February.
Hair colouring: 15, 17, 21-22 February.
Strengthening hair: 1, 7, 14-15, 20 February.
Cardinal changes in style: 17, 21-22 February.
Unlucky days: 2, 4-6, 24-25 February.


Phases of the Moon in February 2024:

Waxing Moon: 11-23 February.
Full Moon: 24 February.
Waning Moon: 1-9 February, 25-29 February.
New Moon: 10 February.
Lunar Eclipse: Not expected.
Solar eclipse: Not expected.


Moon phase analysis:

Waxing Moon: A haircut during this period promises to stimulate accelerated hair growth and strengthen roots. This is a favourable time to make bold changes and experiment with style.

Full Moon: This period can be unstable and caution is advised. For a haircut, it is better to choose an experienced master to avoid mishaps.

Waning Moon: A haircut during this period is beneficial for the health of the hair, slowing down its growth. Preserving the shape of the new hairstyle for a long time.

New Moon: Neutral period, it is not recommended to be too active. Many believe that this is not the best time for a haircut due to superstition.



If you want bold changes and accelerated hair growth, choose the days of the waxing Moon.
During the Full Moon, it is better to pay attention to grooming procedures.
In the waning Moon, you can plan a haircut to maintain the shape of your hairstyle.
New Moon is a neutral period, it is better to avoid strong changes.

Thus, the lunar calendar provides recommendations for optimal moments of haircutting, hair care and style experiments depending on the phases of the Moon in February 2024.

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