Big Fire Simon's Town

Big Fire Simon's Town, South Africa

A mountainous area near Cape Town is in the grip of a raging , posing a serious threat to 's largest naval base in Simon's Town. The situation has prompted the evacuation of nearby houses, with hundreds of firefighters joining forces in a massive operation to contain the blaze.

On December 20, 2023, the firefighting effort intensified as the , fueled by strong winds, caused damage to a building within the Simon's Town Naval Base. Unfortunately, five firefighters out of the 300 engaged in the operation sustained injuries.

In a bid to combat the flames, three helicopters have been deployed for water bombing the affected area. The escalating danger led to the evacuation of around 40 houses in the proximity during the early hours of Wednesday.

Simon's Town, positioned approximately 45 km (28 miles) south of Cape Town, is no stranger to wildfires, especially in the wine-growing districts. The fire, which originated on the mountain slopes near the seaside town, gained momentum on Tuesday, prompting the closure of major roads leading to the Cape of Good Hope/Cape Point and Simon's Town by 14:00 local time on December 20.

As the blaze continued its destructive path down Millers Point, Rocklands, and Plateau Road, additional firefighting resources were urgently requested in anticipation of stronger gusts later in the day and overnight. Motorists have been advised to steer clear of the area due to the unfolding emergency.

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