Saharan Dust

Scene Intense transport of sand from the Sahara blankets Greece on April 23, 2024.

The skies above Athens transformed into a surreal spectacle as clouds from the Desert rolled in, turning the once-familiar blue into a vibrant orange. These clouds engulfed the iconic Acropolis and other landmarks, creating a scene reminiscent of the science fiction film "Dune." Strong southerly winds swept the across the Mediterranean Sea, casting a Martian-like filter over the Greek capital during the last hours of daylight. Thankfully, the dust is expected to clear on Wednesday as winds shift, carrying the sand away and bringing a dip in temperatures.

Tuesday saw a stark temperature contrast across . While parts of southern Crete basked in a high of over 30 degrees Celsius (86 Fahrenheit), the north experienced a cooler day with temperatures exceeding 20 degrees Celsius lower.

These strong southerly winds have also contributed to the spread of unseasonal wildfires in southern . Unfortunately, grapples with devastating and often deadly forest fires every summer. Last year, the country experienced the European Union's largest in over two decades. Persistent and high spring temperatures raise concerns about a particularly challenging fire season for firefighters in the coming months. #athens

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