Flash Floods Pummel UAE, Oman As Rain Lashes Region

⛈️Heavy rains lashed the United Arab Emirates (UAE) on Tuesday, causing flash floods that inundated major highways and stranded vehicles across . The neighboring nation of Oman is also grappling with the aftermath of heavy flooding, with a reported death toll rising to 18 and several people still missing.

Flood in UAE:

The rains began overnight, transforming streets into massive ponds and disrupting flights at International Airport, the world's busiest hub for international travel. Powerful winds whipped through the city, while lightning illuminated the sky and occasionally struck the Burj Khalifa, the world's tallest building.

Emergency Response:

Police and emergency personnel navigated the flooded streets cautiously, their emergency lights cutting through the pre-dawn darkness. Schools across the UAE closed in anticipation of the , and many government employees were able to work remotely. However, some residents ventured out, with some unfortunate souls getting stranded as their cars stalled in unexpectedly deep water.

Authorities deployed tanker trucks to pump excess water from flooded streets and highways.

Unusual Rainfall:

While isn't uncommon during the cooler winter months in the arid UAE, it typically occurs infrequently. Due to the lack of regular rainfall, many roads and areas lack proper drainage systems, making them susceptible to flash floods.

Heavy Rainfall Expected:

Initial estimates suggest over 30 millimeters (1 inch) of fell in by morning, with forecasts predicting up to 128 millimeters (5 inches) throughout the day. also impacted neighboring countries like Bahrain, Qatar, and .

Stay Weather Aware:

While the immediate threat may be subsiding, it's crucial to stay updated on the latest weather forecasts, especially during unpredictable weather events.

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