Daily weather forecast in push notifications


What are Weather push notifications from Pogodnik?

The Pogodnik.com weather site uses push-notification technology that allows you to receive daily weather notifications directly to your computer or android phone, and notify in advance if the weather changes. Tomorrow a thundercloud is approaching - a notification arrives; in the evening the weather will improve - why not find out about it in advance.

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Weather push notifications are notifications that come as messages to the phone or browser (Chrome / Firefox / Safari).

How can it be applied and how does it work?


For example, you can plan the start of your vacation with the sun and warm weather, or find out about frost and fog in your country house or in your favorite park for walking. Planning a regular run on Friday mornings? Customize your message - notify about .
Are you planning a walk? Set up notifications about weather changes - and the won't spoil your mood.

All you need to get useful information about weather changes - set up weather push notifications on Pogodnik.com.

There are currently available in beta testing several types of notifications:

1. every 6 hours.
For example, at lunch you will receive a weather notification in the evening.

2. Weather change notification. Sun, , Thunderstorm, .
Select the conditions you need and as soon as they appear in the forecast you will receive a notification.

3. Personal notification settings.
Set the desired value for: Temperature. Precipitation. Winds. Pressure.
For example, the is more than 7 meters per second, then you will receive a notification when such a strong appears in the forecast.

In the future, the Weather Team is planning to add flexible setting of weather notifications for any point on the map with a forecast one month before the weather event.

How do I set up weather push notifications?

10-day forecast

1. We go to the site https://pogodnik.com wait a couple of seconds ...

2. In the address bar next to the green icon will appear "Request permission to send you notifications" , click "Allow". The first step has been taken!

3. Now we find in the bottom right mugs with the Weather logo - this is the application call button, or by the link
Weather push notifications .

4. Now settings, click on the circle, and you will see a window with application settings, in which you can select a settlement and notification types. Select the icon of the weather you need to warn about in advance. Select the period when the alert will come. Try complex settings by clicking on the gear: you can adjust more precise settings for weather changes. Done!

The same procedure can be done on in Android smartphone and weather notifications will appear at the top of the screen, you just need to glance to be aware of impending bad weather.

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