Cookies and their use

In order for Pogodnik.com to function properly, we use cookies. The site writes small data files, cookies, to the user’s device. The same action is carried out by most sites on the Internet. A cookie is a small text file that Pogodnik.com saves on a user’s computer or mobile device during a visit. Thanks to this, the Pogodnik.com website can “remember” the actions and options of the user for a certain time (for example, choosing the desired city, units of temperature, pressure, wind speed), and the user does not need to re-enter them each time they visit the site Pogodnik.com or by browsing its various pages. This helps to improve the services provided by Pogodnik.com, however, these actions do not allow us to identify a person.

Pogodnik.com uses cookies to determine the habits of users visiting the site, to make visiting the site more comfortable. The information of cookies can generate data about how a person uses the site, the IP address of his computer, the type of search engine, demographic data and, if the user entered Pogodnik.com from a third-party web page, about the page URL. Cookies enable the website to function more efficiently, improve services, and provide information to site administrators in order to collect statistics or provide advertising. The information received by cookies from Pogodnik.com is used for the following purposes: to identify returning users; To open the content of their choice for such users. to monitor usage habits, to show relevant information for a particular user and improve the site in accordance with his wishes.

Cookies can also be recorded by the system that displays advertisements on the site and use them to display advertisements that may be of interest to a particular user and meet his interests. They are also used to ensure that the user sees a certain advertisement only a certain number of times, and helps to measure the effectiveness of an advertising campaign.

Pogodnik.com uses cookies of various types and similar technologies, each of which has a specific function.

The following cookies may be used on Pogodnik.com:

Required (technical) cookies. These cookies are necessary in order for you to browse the site and use its functions, such as, for example, access to safe parts of the site. Without these cookies, the user will not be able to use the services of the site.
Functional cookies. These cookies allow the site to remember the objects you have selected (for example: “My city”, units of meteorological data measurements) and offer improved, personalized functions for you. Functional cookies are optional on the site, but improve the quality of navigation and user comfort.

Analytical cookies. These cookies are used to prepare a statistical analysis of the navigation methods of visitors to our site. Pogodnik.com uses the data of these cookies anonymously and solely for the purpose of collecting statistics. The site uses the services of third parties who independently implement their cookies.

Target or advertising cookies. These cookies are used to show services that might interest the user or offer services (content) similar to those already viewed.

Third party cookies These cookies allow the user to see billboards with viewed products or other relevant offers. Pogodnik.com does not have access to third-party cookie information, and the information is completely controlled by them.

You can read more about privacy policy and the use of third-party cookies by clicking on the following links:

The Ezoic  https://g.ezoic.net/privacy/pogodnik.com
Google Analytics
Yandex Metrix
(Google AdSense
DoubleClick Ad Exchange
DoubleClick for Publishers

Social media cookies. These cookies are required if you want to use the information of the site Pogodnik.com in your social profile account. For example, if you want to share an ad with friends or express approval. Social media cookies do not affect site navigation.

The user agrees to the use of cookies in the following ways: if the user’s browser accepts cookies without deleting and / or changing them; when the user first visits the site, we report cookies in an additional pop-up window, to agree to their use, you can click the “Agree” button or use the site further.

The user can withdraw consent to the use of cookies by changing the browser data (deleting cookies, choosing anonymous browsing of the site, etc.).

Refusal of cookies.

Most browsers are set up to automatically accept cookies. The user can choose whether to accept cookies, also turn them off, delete them by changing the settings of the browser used. To delete cookies from a mobile phone or other mobile device, the user will need to use the instructions for using his phone or software. However, we draw attention to the fact that in some cases, turning off cookies, disagreeing with their use or deleting them can slow down the speed of browsing sites on the Internet, restrict the functionality of certain Internet sites or even block access to them. More detailed independent information on cookies, their use, and options for refusal is also available at: AllAboutCookies.org or google.com.

For the purpose of advertising, the above third parties may collect both anonymous and personal information of the user, as well as use session cookies and permanent cookies that are valid for a certain period of time. The user can learn more about cookies and the privacy policy of third parties by reading the privacy policy of a specific third party.

Pogodnik.com does not control the activities of third parties, therefore, the user is obliged to take an interest in the cookies used by third parties and the information they accumulate. The user may delete the cookies of third parties in accordance with the instructions specified by third parties. Pogodnik.com will strive to ensure that information about third party instructions is accurate and correct, and will try to update and / or supplement instructions on time, however Pogodnik.com is not responsible for the accuracy, updating, detail, and compliance with legal acts of third party information.